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It's a busy time at Pricklebums and more volunteers are urgently needed to help at the hospital. Please see the Support Us page for more information.

Please remember to leave a shallow bowl of fresh, clean water out at all times for all visitors to your garden

If you find a hedgehog in need of urgent care please phone 01584 878701 - don't leave a message via Facebook as we are busy caring for animals and don't read these regularly

If in doubt give us a ring - better to check that ignore a hedgehog that needs help

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Our Aims

Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue aims to
Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release
as many hedgehogs back into the wild as possible. 
It was founded in 2014 by Ailie Hill and is run entirely by volunteers. 
Pricklebums is a not-for-profit registered charity and is funded by donations.

Where is Pricklebums?

We're in the centre of Ludlow near the Market Square. 
The entrance can be found in Quality Square opposite the clock shop . 
Ring the large bell outside the gate.

Call 01584 878701 or 07399 345 786

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